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bean soup (heavy on the CSA veggies!)
Sunday April 22nd 2012

Wow, vacation sure does addle the mind a bit, no? Came back and saw that I had a few blog post drafts in the folder. Well, better late than never…

Here’s an easy soup we had on a cold wintery night here in San Francisco. To be honest I barely soaked the beans at all, they cooked fairly fast. And if you’ve read the greatest cookbook ever written you’ll know that the secret is a pressure cooker, which, um, I don’t have. (Honey, you reading this? My birthday is coming up pretty soon…)

So I got some beans going in some stock. Yup, that’s a block of chicken stock I pulled out of the freezer. What’s that you say? You don’t have the time or energy for that? Puh-leese. Get on it, my friend, there are few things in the kitchen that will make your food taste better than homemade stock, other than salt. And it’s damn easy to make too, so go make some!

Then while the beans were cooking, in a separate pan, I got a mix of veggies from the box going. Spring garlic, carrots, turnips, I forget what else. Just pile it in, throw in whatever herbs you have in the garden (Huh? What’s that? Do you really want another lecture from me!?) and more-salt-than-you-think-is-healthy.

I had some greens around. I think they were some erbette chard? Or maybe mustard greens? Can’t remember. But really it doesn’t matter.

When it cooked down a bit, and when the beans were almost cooked, I hucked it all together. Doesn’t that look good?

Okay, credit where credit’s due. I never used to make soup. Well, maybe the occasional roasted butternut squash soup, but that’s really it. Melinda is the usual soup maker and is quite influential. She’s the one usually throwing this all together, and dare I say damn well! She’s my inspiration …

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Wow, this looks so delish! Glad I found your blog!
Ps. I am currenly hosting a CSA & Farmers Market Link Up, a place to show off your farm fresh haul and share the delicious recipes that come from them. I would love for you to stop by and share this recipe! (http://www.lightandsweetblog.com/2013/07/grilled-peach-salsa-csa-link-up.html)

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