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Soccer night dinner
Thursday April 19th 2012

Just back from a weeks vacation in arguably the greatest city in the world - New York! More on that in a future post (Momofuko, the Modern, Shake Shack, just to tease you), but here’s a post from a couple weeks back I failed to post before holiday.

Our house is a soccer house. Very much a soccer house. It permeates the air, and also the blood of my girls. See, Melinda was a star player in University. She played for McGill with a crazy competitiveness that got her lots of accolades from the league and press, and she’s encouraged our girls to be real active and serious players too. So that means our evening time is often tight, with two practices a week for Alexis, one for Emma (soon two), plus games on weekends, and not to mention Spanish tutoring, homework, violin, etc etc. So I’ve been a little pressed for time on meals and until I get my act in gear and plan ahead a little better (like my friend Rachel in Brooklyn) I need fast meals. Real fast. Here’s what I threw together recently for a post practice night.

I started with tipping and tailing the radishes and baby turnips from the box. Got them going in a pan with a fair hunk of butter and then pepper and more-salt-than-you-think-is-healthy. Once it was going I threw in some of the spring onions from the box …

… hucked it all in the oven and let it roast up while I cooked the rest.

I sliced up a couple bulbs of fennel, and got them going similarly in another pan with butter, salt and pepper. It’s really so simple, you don’t have to do much other than the occasional stir. Don’t worry about super thin slicing, just get it sliced up and in the pan.

Then I had two different batches of Marin Sun Farms chicken drumsticks. One I just salted over night, destined for the girls…

And then a few that I had seasoned overnight with salt and ancho chile powder. Those were for me and Melinda. I just browned them all in two different pans and put them in the oven with the roasting veg. Couldn’t be simpler.

I missed a picture of the cooked chicken legs, but here’s a good shot of the roasted veg coming out of the oven.

And here’s one of the nicely caramelized fennel. I just love cooking fennel this way. The anise flavour mellows out and the sugars in the bulb sweeten greatly.

So there you have it. A soccer practice night meal that maximized the produce in the box and was ready real quick. Most of the active time is chopping, so if you have decent knife skills I’ll bet with good timing of the cooking, the start to finish cooking time could be about 30 minutes. Post practice soccer players are a hungry lot!

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