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10 minute (100% Farm Box) meal
Monday August 15th 2011

Just back from vacation and the kids were ravenous. Between piling clothes in the laundry machine, and putting the shorts back in deep storage (man, is San Francisco ever damn cold in the “summer”!), I didn’t have time for a large elaborate meal. So I took a look at the contents of the just-arrived Farm Box from Mariquita and threw together a big salad for dinner. In the end it took only about 10 minutes to make, was delicious, fresh, and actaully quite healthy! That’s how long it would have taken to go through a drive-through for heaven’s sake!

I started just by roughly cutting some pale green peppers into fattish strips, peeled and roughly chopped up some lemon cucumber, and chopped some medium sized yellow tomatoes into fair sized wedges. I didn’t want the pieces too small – I wanted large chunks. Here’s what it looked like so far.

There were some beautiful looking onions in the Farm Box, but putting them in raw tends to leave them too strong. So I macerated them in a sweet (cheap!) balsamic for a while to mellow them out.

Then I tossed it all in together, hit it with more balsamic and soem olive oil, more-salt-than-you-think-is-healthy, and topped it with a fresh light ricotta, which added a real nice creaminess.

What do you think? Not bad for 10 minutes, eh? And nutritionally it’s pretty good by my reckoning – fiber in the peppers and cucs, fat in the olive oil and cheese, and even a little protein from the cheese. Not to high in carbs, which doesn’t hurt either. And the most important thing – it was tasty!

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