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(Last) Supper with Yvette
Wednesday July 06th 2011

We’re very sad here at the Farm Box blog household. Yvette and The Gordo have ended the “California Experiment” and moved back to NYC. For a year they lived with us, and then for another 6 months they were in the (awesome neighborhood of) Hayes Valley. We loved having them around, and Alexis and Emma sure did too. But jobs land where jobs land and they had to do what they had to do. Though a part of me thinks that if they could have more readily found black clothes here in San Francisco, they might have stayed! Damn colourful Californians!

We had a few last meals with Yvette (The Gordo had already decamped to Brooklyn) and here’s one of them.

One of the things I made with the Farm Box veggies was some roasted cauliflower. Ho-hum, you say? I make that all the time, you say? Well, this time I jazzed it up with an idea I stole from Sara. She had made a dressing/sauce for something or other and it was so damn good that I made it myself and drizzled it on top of these roasted cauliflower florets. Take a few anchovy fillets, some chopped garlic, and a handful of capers and throw them in the mortar. Pound away, slowly adding some lemon juice, and when it’s all pounded up nice, start adding in some olive oil. Took all of about 4 minutes. And so tasty – come on, how can you go wrong with that ingredient list! And it went great on the cauliflower. Take a close look at the photo and you’ll see some bits of the sauce on there.

Then we had a couple bunches of Andy’s oh so aromatic basil, so that got whipped into a pesto to go with the …

… steamed carrots and the  …

… roasted “happy” chicken (aka marin Sun Farms).

A great simple meal that took about 20-25 minutes of busy time, and about an hour total time, with the 35 non-busy minutes spent opening up wine and soaking up some of our last SF time with Yvette. We’ll miss you guys! (But then again, we’re really glad you got a two bedroom place in NYC! Let’s book some tickets, Melinda!)

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We certainly miss Dave’s amazing meals and hanging out with you guys everyday (sniff).

Comment by Gordon 07.13.11 @ 4:17 am

I’m not sure I could leave San Francisco if people were cooking those meals for me!

Comment by CupcakeQ 07.15.11 @ 6:10 am

Hey Dave and Melinda, when are you coming to Brooklyn? Gordo and Yvette’s wedding gang here in BK would love to see you!

Cheers, Rachel

Comment by Anonymous 01.24.12 @ 7:58 pm

Hey Dave and Melinda, when are you coming to Brooklyn? Gordo and Yvette’s wedding gang here in BK would love to see you!

Comment by Rachel 01.24.12 @ 7:59 pm

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