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Bagna cauda
Friday July 01st 2011

Except for maybe lasagna, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an online recipe battle than I have when researching how to make bagna cauda. For some people it’s like their grandmother was attacked violently if someone suggested adding cream to it. To others, if the oil separated while making it, then it was like you stabbed them in the heart! Wow, such passion!

So what is bagna cauda. Well, it’s a dip. A garlicy, fishy-salty, oily dip that you have with parboiled and grilled veggies. The kind of thing you can have ready to go for a party, and just plunk down on a table as a first course with some charcuterie, some bread, and a bottle (or three) of wine.

Here are the veggies I prepared, all from the Farm Box. Parboiled cauliflower and carrots, and some grilled little summer squash.

This was my first time making bagna cauda, and after much research online, I decided to just let common sense prevail. How wrong can you really go when the ingredients are garlic, anchovies, olive oil, and butter?! Com’on, you’ve got to be making some serious mis-steps for that not to turn out great!

So I roughly slice up about 8 cloves of garlic, and filleted about 8 salt packed anchovies. Put it all in a pan with more olive oil than you think is needed and proceeded to cook it very gently on low heat. Then I put in a half stick of butter. Again, com’on, this is gonna taste great. Once the anchovies had pretty much dissolved and the garlic was gaining some colour, I threw it in the blender with the remainig half stick of butter and turned it on. It was still a little thick, so I added a slow drizzle of olive oil until, yup, you guessed it, it separated! So sue me! Here’s how it turned out, but the picture is hiding the fact that under that layer of oil is the most beautiful richly flavoured salty spicy garlicy goop. Heaven!

Along with the bagna cauda, I boiled up some potatoes from the Farm Box. My Danish mother will be so proud to see that I peeled them! Well, maybe she won’t be proud – she’ll just say “well, of course you peeled them! You *can’t* eat potatoes like that with their skin on!”  ;-)

I also brined up some chicken wings and some thigh/leg combos for the grill. And yup, again I wasn’t perfect – look at that nice char!! Ugh. Thankfully, Melinda likes the skin burnt so she was happy!

For me, the best part of the meal was the bagna cauda. Does it get any better than bagna cauda! Wow. I’m going to be making that alot more often!

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Just a quick note. Have read each of the books, Family Meals brought back the tlrias, tribulations, and some happy moments of caring for our aging parents.Thank you for your recommendation last year to visit Le Casaline. My wife and I tried to recreate your dinner escapades and waddled off to our room several hours later. We came back again the next night, as the food was so impressive. Love Arthur Avenue, and will head over to Dominick’s within the next month. Great blog.

Comment by Sanjusanjana 01.20.15 @ 12:11 pm

Great common sense here. Wish I’d thought of that.

Comment by car insurance 03.28.15 @ 4:29 am

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