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Season wrap-up and farewell till next season!
Friday December 10th 2010

Well, the season drew to a close a couple weeks ago. That’s our final box there in the picture. Pretty nice way to end out the season, eh?

The Two Small Farms CSA season doesn’t last 52 weeks a year like many CSAs in the Bay Area. I think I remember asking Andy about the reason and he said he doesn’t want to burden the member families with getting pumpkins and chard every week for the whole winter! So it’s only a 36 week year – for the rest of the year, I become a more frequent Farmer’s Market customer and a Rainbow customer. I’ll tell you, as soon as it becomes February, I’m dying for the CSA to start again!

We had some big news at the end of the season. Turns out that the two small farms that make up the Two Small Farms CSA are parting ways next season. Some of the host sites are going to become Higher Ground sites and some are going to become Mariquita Farm CSA sites. I was very excited to hear that we are going to become a Mariquita Farm host site. This is the way we started as a host site, and now we’re going back to being one. Very excited!

So how did the season go? And how did this blog go? Well, I think they sort of went hand in hand. The season progressed fast through a range of vegetables that, due to the weather, I wasn’t really either prepared for, or didn’t get for repeated weeks too often. See, usually I know when tomatoes are coming, and I know once they’re here we’ll get them every week for many weeks. Well, that didn’t really happen this year. And some of the items, like the apples for example, were a surprise. That kept me on my toes in terms of cooking and kept this blog varied, which was definitely a good thing.

This blog was an idea I had last winter, and it was actually one of my 2010 new years resolutions (along with learning to brew beer, and lose some weight – the last one being a bit negatively influenced by the other two goals!). It turned out to be alot of fun to do the blog, more fun than I thought it would be. Often we’d finish dinner, I’d get the computer uploading photos while I put the kids to bed, and then straight back to the computer to write it up. In the end it ended up being 153 posts in 36 weeks. That’s alot of food cooking! What a great time I had cooking it all, all the way through the season.

And a fair number of you turned out to read along – more, in fact, than I ever dreamed would follow! Some of the posts have more than 500 views! Wow, I am so honoured and grateful that you all think enough of my pictures, and words and cooking to follow along. Thank you all so much!

And of course, none of this would have been possible with the farmers!  Thank you so much, Andy, Julia, Stephen, Jeanne, Shelley, and all the crew at both farms! I hope this blog gave you a bit of an insight into how important you all are to our household!

So will I be back next year? Yes, I sure will. But I’m also planning on sitting the MW exam next June (that was another 2010 new years eve goal – study, man, study!), so I hope I have enough time to write as much as I did this year, but don’t you worry, you’ll see me again after the winter. Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll do a wine blog. Hmm…

So until then, I bid you adieu, and Good Cooking!